An Innovative Software Platform That Connects Hotel Inventory To New Demand Channels.
Big Data Analytics + Forecasting + Behavioral Buying Trends + Advanced Technology
Hotel Trader has perfected a process that finds and acquires hotel rooms at optimum rates. Demand partners benefit from working with us because we provide exclusive access to hotel rates and inventory through data analysis, destination occupancy forecasting and unparalleled insights into booking behavior trends. We aggregate that information along with historical analytics and consumer buying patterns to anticipate future demand and pricing. Our proprietary process gives us valuable insights and allows us to buy room inventory in bulk at the right time to get the best rates. We offer this exclusive inventory to demand channels, thereby providing a consistent supply of great rates during their customer buying period.
Our Knowledge Means Optimum Hotel Inventory For You
We are hospitality data and technology experts who have inside knowledge of how and when hotel rates are set. We combine this and our relationships with primary and secondary channels of hotel inventory that we've painstakingly cultivated over the years in order to provide demand partners with steady access to exclusive pricing and room information

Hotel Trader has access to room inventory across thousands of hotels from around the world and we have consolidated this into an easy to implement system that is designed around your need for transparency, price efficiency and premium hotel partners. Thanks to our unmatched approach to securing rooms and rates, our partners get some of the most exclusive offers in key gateway destinations around the world.
Smart and Flexible
Travel Solutions
We work directly with hotels to secure inventory and room blocks far in advance and on a recurring basis which provides you with a solid and predictable source of rooms. We make it easy to get exclusive access to great deals while you stay in control of the message and delivery. The Hotel Trader platform aggregates hundreds of direct relationships as well as multiple other-inventory partnerships. Our predictive pricing models and analytics ensure that you are always getting the best rates and inventory even when they are not available on retail channels.
Corporate Travel
Our unique solutions are tailored for corporate travel managers as well as travelagencies. We work directly with hotels to secure inventory and room blocks far inadvance and on a recurring basis which provides you with a solid and predictablesource of rooms. Our predictive pricing models and analytics ensure that you arealways getting below market rates.
White Label
Let your brand serve up an inventory of great hotel inventory and rates. We simplify your life by helping you build your brand while taking away the headache of setting up the entire supply side and the booking engine. You get the added bonus of support from our customer service team.
API Integrations
If you need more granular control of the UI/UX, choose this option and control your booking process as much as you want. We make it easy for you to leverage your website while tapping into HotelTrader's massive inventory of excellent rates on hotel rooms.
Our Agile System Is Designed To Meet The Needs
Of A Diverse Audience
New disruptive startups that want the best supply of hotels.
Websites that have high traffic and want to expand into selling hotels.
App only companies that have direct relationships with their customers.
Corporate or business travel secured by unique credentials on opaque websites.
Alternative accommodations that want to bring in hotel content & inventory, closed loop member-only sites.
We Speak Your Language.
Get your name in front of millions of potential guests when you team up with Hotel Trader. You benefit from our ability to promote your rooms while building awareness across demand channels that you are not hitting today.

Through Hotel Trader, you are seamlessly connected to multiple and new age demand channels. We help you tap into the fastest growing customer segments through our relationships with demand partners who have access to vacation rental minded customers, state of the art apps that serve millennials as well as hotel apps catering to flexible stay options.

Hotel Trader has also tapped into an untouched market with huge potential; small business with unmanaged travel. This unique segment has no systems or preferences on how and where they book today. We are contracting with these types of companies and giving them access to a variety of hotel options, including yours.
Hotel Trader helps maximize your hotel revenue.
We deliver guests that reserve well in advance as well as guests who make last minuteplans - filling your rooms that would otherwise go unsold. Hotel Trader offers a unique opportunity where rooms sold through our platform do not compete with traditional retail channels such as OTAs and your own website. Instead, we deliver customers that would have probably not visited either and are thereby highly incremental.

We are currently adding select hotel partners in order to deliver a very well-curated collection of properties with the optimal mix of quality, rating, location and pricing that meet needs of the customer profiles of our demand partners.
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